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APR Ltd - about us - APR Ltd

APR Ltd - about us

APR Ltd was founded in order to assist the manufacturing industry in its need to recycle plastic packaging and other plastic materials.

There is mounting international concern over the environmental impact of plastic packaging creating landfill and the continual use in plastics manufacture of valuable and finite natural resources.

APR Ltd offers a convenient, secure plastic & packaging recycling and disposal service to industry and a regular and reliable supply of quality recycled plastics to those who need it.

APR Ltd's executives have many years experience in the plastics industry, we can provide expert advice about how to recycle and recycling solutions for your products. We have links with granulators and collectors and processors of wasted plastic.

If you have a need to buy plastic for recycling, or have plastic to dispose of please contact us.

PO Box 163
KT22 0WR

Tel: 01372 802424
Mobile: 07852 582403
Fax: 01372 210004
Email: info@apr-ltd.co.uk


APR Ltd Privacy Statement

APR Ltd Ltd respects the privacy of our customers. APR Ltd is committed to building customer trust by demonstrating this respect in every aspect of its marketing activities. The pledge below summarises our promise to you.

  • The information you provide to APR Ltd Ltd through APR Ltd's website or any other channel will be used only to provide you with communications that are relevant to your needs and preferences.
  • Information provided to APR Ltd is held in strict confidence and will never be sold or redistributed to any third party for their marketing use.
  • Every communication message that you receive from APR Ltd will provide you with the opportunity to be removed from future information exchanges.
  • You may also send an email to info@apr-ltd.co.uk to request removal from APR Ltd 's email or postal mail list. Please type the word "REMOVE" in the subject line and include your name, company name and the list(s) from which you would like to be removed.
  • Upon request, we will provide you with a summary of the information you have provided to APR Ltd . This information will be provided only to the email address on file for the customer making the request. You will be able to change, correct or remove any information at any time. Please contact info@apr-ltd.co.uk to do so.