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Sell Plastic Scrap to APR; we Buy & Recycle Plastic Scrap - APR Ltd

Sell Plastic Scrap to APR Ltd; We Buy & Recycle Plastic Scrap

APR Ltd is a specialised recycler of plastic scrap. Many plastic recyclers are interested in only a few types of plastic; we buy and recycle a wide range of plastic scrap. (see our definitions page to help you identify what type of plastic scrap you have to sell). We buy plastic scrap in granulated, pellet, shred or original form.

APR Ltd buys plastic scrap
APR Ltd buys plastic scrap

APR Ltd sorts, washes and granulates plastic scrap and sells it as quality recycled plastic.

Sell plastic scrap to APR Ltd
Sell plastic scrap to APR Ltd

Pricing and collection of plastic scrap

APR Ltd offers competitive prices for your plastic scrap; whether you are selling regular loads or a one off batch. Certain types of plastic scrap are of more commercial value than others and we price accordingly. Prices offered for your plastic scrap can be improved by:

  • Consistency: each load of plastic scrap should be of the same type from the same process or source.
  • Contamination: Plastic scrap should be supplied free from contamination such as foams, metals, wood and other plastics.
  • Plastic scrap must be on pallets.

We collect plastic scrap from anywhere in the UK at quantities as low as 3 tonnes.