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Recycle baled film and film on reels - APR Ltd

Recycle baled film and film on reels

Do you realise that there could be a rebate value for your company's recycled plastic films, sheet and reels, be it in baled form, palletised or on Reels?

APR buys:
  • Print returns
  • Out of spec film
  • End of lines
  • Baled LDPE, PET, PP, PVC film
  • Laminates
  • Packaging film
  • Film on reels
  • Shrinkwrap
  • Corex
APR buys baled film
APR buys baled film
APR buys film on reels
APR buys film on reels

The benefits of using APR to recycle your plastic film:

  • We pay competitive prices for recycling your baled plastic film.
  • If you have unusual waste film or reels we will always try to recycle it for you.
  • We pay promptly
  • We recycle both regular batches of film and "one offs" as long as they are in reasonable quantities (at least 10 pallet loads or 10 film reels)
  • We collect your film; you do not have to ship it to us.
  • APR is here to help, if we are unable to recycle your film or reels we generally know someone who can.
  • If required, APR will collect and recycle mixed loads of plastic, cardboard and baled film
  • We offer a secure plastic recycling service, including a certificate of destruction if required