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Baled paper and card recycling - APR Ltd

Baled paper and card recycling

The amount of paper being consumed per capita is steadily rising. The graph below for the USA shows that paper and cardboard consumption is rising far more quickly than recycling and data in the UK shows the same trend.

Paper and card recycling versus usage
Paper and card recycling versus usage

As a society, we must recycle more paper and card. APR Ltd buys baled recycled paper and cardboard.

APR Ltdbuys baled paper and card
APR Ltd buys baled paper and card
Baled paper recycling
Baled paper recycling

APR Ltd collects and buys paper for recycling, as long as it is baled.

Baled card recycling
Baled card recycling

APR Ltd pays competitive prices for baled cardboard and other types of card.

Benefits of using APR Ltd to recycle your paper and cardboard:

  • We pay competitive prices for your paper and cardboard
  • If you have unusual waste paper and cardboard, we will always try to recycle it for you.
  • We pay promptly
  • We always collect your waste paper and cardboard, as long as you have at least 20 bales for recycling
  • APR Ltd is here to help, if we are unable to recycle your paper we generally know someone who can.
  • APR Ltd can take mixed loads of paper, cardboard and baled plastic, thereby reducing your storage space and improving cashflow.
  • We offer a secure plastic recycling service, including a certificate of destruction if required