APR buys and sells granulated recycled plastics

APR buys granulated plastic on a regular basis from Granulators and is always looking to increase its supplier base. APR is also looking for Toll Granulation services.

Toll granulation
Toll granulation
APR buys granulated plastic
APR buys granulated plastic

Examples of recycled granulated plastics that APR buys include:

  • Granulated Polypropylene
  • Granulated HDPE
  • Granulated Polystyrene
  • Granulated ABS
  • Granulated Polycarbonate
  • Granulated flexible PVC
  • Other granulated plastics
  • We offer a secure plastic recycling service, including a certificate of destruction if required

APR is also interested in having its recycled plastics toll granulated, contact us for more information.

Why sell granulated plastic to APR?

  • We pay competitive prices for your granulated plastic
  • If you have unusual granulated plastic we will always try to recycle it for you.
  • We pay promptly
  • We recycle both regular batches of granulated plastics and "one offs" as long as they are in reasonable quantities (at least 10 pallet loads)
  • We always collect your granulated plastic
  • APR can take smaller volumes of some plastics, so you will not have to hold onto bulky or valuable stock.