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Recycle pharmaceutical packaging, containers, trays and film - APR Ltd

Recycle pharmaceutical and medical plastics, packaging, containers, trays and film

Pharmaceutical companies generate very large amounts of plastic packaging material for recycling due to the high levels of safety required and for traceability. Medical companies can generate waste plastic extrusions, mouldings and sprues.

However, with the ever increasing need to be environmentally conscious, many Maedical and Pharmaceutical companies are looking at ways to recycle more of their packaging material and also achieve an income stream.

APR provides a comprehensive collection, recycling and rebate scheme for medical plastics and Pharmaceutical packaging covering all types of plastic, paper, cardboard And Corex.

Examples of Pharmceutical and medical packaging and waste plastics that APR buys and recycles are:

  • Transit materials
  • Microtitre Trays
  • Pharmaceutical containers
  • Vaccine trays
  • Mouldings, extrusions and sprues
  • Other plastics
  • Cardboard packaging
  • Baled film

Identify your plastics

APR buys Microtitre plates
APR buys Microtitre plates

APR buys Vaccine trays
APR buys Vaccine trays
APR buys Pharmaceutical containers
APR buys Pharmaceutical containers

Why recycle your plastics through APR?